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Error messages and (maybe) how to fix them


Table information collection in progress. Please contact @slackjore with any info.

Error message Notes
could not send payment: bad signature at path r look under the table
could not send payment: precommit callback failed smart wallet containing committed funds that only the counter-party can now spend
could not send payment: authentifier verification failed smart contract conditions not fulfilled
could not send payment: known bad if you try a bad send repeatedly
could not create payment proposal: No bytes to pay fees so send bytes to wallet
connect to light vendor failed [socket closed] firewall? turn off Tor? (light vendor = hub)
??? incoming payment not confirmed yet, so wait another 5 minutes or so
[internal] connection closed maybe non-functioning hub: change to another hub
unable to verify the first certificate ???
too many messages, try sending a smaller amount [of blackbytes] send smaller amounts
on login “Uncaught exception: Error: message encrypted to unknown key, device" don't click ok; right click > "inspect" > delete the window in the html code ; restart
unable to find parents; failed to find compatible parents: no deep units witness error, such as (user) swapping out two at once
Syncing -- 24 private payments left (Android) try clearing out smart wallets; related to private assets?


tonych [10:43 AM 2017-06-14 #helpdesk]:

Bad signature at path r is a mysterious bug that affected a few users in the past but there is no clarity about its nature. Are you on android, did you send any payments from this wallet before? any other unusual actions with this wallet?

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