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Hub for Byteball network[]

This is a node for the Byteball network that serves as a relay, plus it facilitates the exchange of messages among devices connected to the Byteball network. Since all messages are encrypted with the recipient's key, the hub cannot read them. The hub does not hold any private keys and cannot send payments itself. 

The messages are used for the following purposes:

Private payment information[]

Conveying private payment information from payer to payee.

Multisig adddress[]

Exchanging partially-signed transactions when sending from a multisig address. One of the devices initiates a transaction and signs it with its private key, then it sends the partially-signed transaction to the other devices that participate on the multisig address. The user(s) confirm the transaction on the other devices, they sign and return the signatures to the initiator.

Multilateral signing[]

Multilateral signing, when several addresses sign the same unit, e.g. when exchanging one asset for another, or when signing a contract. The exchange of messages is similar to the multisig scenario above.

Chat between users[]

Plain text chat between users; in particular, users can send each other the newly generated addresses to receive payments to.

Chat with bots[]

Plain text chat with bots that offer a service and can receive or send payments. Faucet is an example of such a bot. The hub helps deliver such messages when the recipient is temporarily offline or is behind NAT. If the recipient is connected, the message is delivered immediately, otherwise it is stored and delivered as soon as the recipient connects to the hub. As soon as delivered, the message is deleted from the hub.

Hub address[]

Users set their hub address in their wallet settings. The default hub is wss:// but users can change it.

List of hubs[]

Wallet user: to use one of these hubs in the wallet, change it in main menu > settings > hub.

Hub Notes default hub, operated by @tonych for EU, operated by @portabella for North America, operated by @portabella for Singapore/South Asia, operated by @portabella in S. Europe, operated by @zuqka in S. Europe, operated by @zuqka in S. Europe, operated by @zuqka operated with a partner by @seb486 operated with a partner by @seb486 operated with a partner by @seb486 operated with a partner by @seb486 based in Switzerland, operated by @rootlogin

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