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This is to record Byteball poll results from Twitter etc.

Twitter 2018-01-25[]

Poll for #Byteball wallet holders, have you made a simple payment to another wallet? (91 votes)[1]

  • (53 votes) 58% Yes, I've sent Bytes
  • (14 votes) 16% Yes, I've sent others too
  • (11 votes) 12% No, I've 0 Bytes for fees
  • (13 votes) 14% No, another problem


Purpose of poll: To get some idea of what fraction of wallet-owners had done the simplest task
Follow up: (1) Send #3 people maybe 20KB so they can make 20+ tx; (2) Ask #4 people for details.[2]
Results: Sent about twice the number of #3 people 20 KB; ZERO #4 people answered the question!

Twitter 2018-02-16[]

Poll for #Byteball people on fun-coin experience, per Have you received fun-coins, either from a friend or the free wallet faucet? Have you sent them? Simple payment? Textcoin? Smart contract? (18 votes)

  • (9 votes) 50% No, not at all
  • (3 votes) 17% Yes, received only
  • (4 votes) 22% Yes, simple or textcoin
  • (2 votes) 11% Yes, in a smart contract


Purpose of poll: To get some idea of usage of fun-coins
Follow up: ...

Twitter 2018-02-24[]

The #Byteball-Altcoin Exchange Bot in the wallet Bot Store exchanges over 60 altcoins to Bytes, Bytes to altcoins, or altcoins to altcoins. Have you ever used it? (165 votes)[3]

  • (26 votes) 16% Yes, it worked great
  • (7 votes) 4% Yes, but had a problem
  • (39 votes) 24% No, but used another bot
  • (93 votes) 56% No, not used any bot


Comment: Should have specified for Byteball holders. Should have included "$GBYTE". It's not clear if "not used any bot" includes responses from non-Byteball holders.
Purpose of poll: To get some idea of what fraction of wallet-owners have used the altcoin exchange bot, or any bot. Also to promote both ideas.
Follow up:

Twitter 2018-02-26[]

An unofficial poll for $GBYTE users. Of these four options, choose #Byteball's Unique Selling Proposition: Smart contracts, oracles? Easy token creation, with private KYC, ICO functionality? Textcoins, made from any platform asset? Chatbots in the Bot Store? (70 votes)[4]

  • (30 votes) 43% Smart/conditional payment
  • (8 votes) 11% Platform for own tokens
  • (17 votes) 24% Textcoin, using own token
  • (15 votes) 22% 20 chatbots, more to come


Comment: It is assumed most people answering this poll aren't particularly familiar with any of the options, so don't read too much into the responses.
Purpose of poll: To possibly get some idea of what Byteball's USP should be.
Follow up:... Reported on Slack.

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