Attestation reward

Every new user who successfully verifies himself for the first time will receive $20 in Bytes from the distribution fund. With $8 they have to spend for verification, it is net $12. The amount seems large enough to care about but not too large to bother about instadumping.

Attestation is available only for single-address wallets, and to avoid confusion, starting with version 2.1, the default ("Small expenses") wallet of new users is created as single-address (nothing changes for old users). Users can still easily add another wallet and make it multi-address for better privacy. The second wallet is not linked to the user’s verified identity and can be used anonymously.[1]

The attestation reward usually takes 15-30 minutes to be paid.

Referral reward

By referring a new user, the referrer also receives $20 after the referred verifies himself. The referrer must be also verified at this moment. The referral reward takes a few hours to come through.


This address is used to pay attestation and referral rewards:[2]

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