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"Asset" in financial community = "token" in non-financial community.

There is much covered in the Asset article that also applies to tokens, such as creating and naming them. This article's emphasis is on tokens with zero or tiny monetary value, rather than those used more financially.


Token types[]

There are four main token types in Byteball. Each is created and named/registered in the same way, but they have different uses. There are also tokens made with no purpose in mind deeper than simply making them.


Fun-coins deliberately have zero monetary value because they exist in vast quantity. They are intended mainly for practice with smart contracts, textcoins, or other Byteball features, where it doesn't matter if you mess up and lose them somehow.

Family tokens[]

Family tokens use a single token. The family can obtain 1000 generic tokens, "Credits by Jore Bohne", immediately and free of charge from the fun-coins faucet in their wallet's Bot Store. Or they can create a personalised one, say "Joys by Jill Smart", with a bit more effort. They are used in a family token/reward system, designed to improve kids' behaviour.

Social tokens[]


Social tokens are intended for use in a local community, maybe a high school or club, where the people involved tend to know each other. These are tokens backed by real-world goods and services that the issuer will provide on demand. The issuer should honour his or her token, whoever presents it for payment.

Commercial tokens[]

Commercial tokens on the Byteball platform would be used by businesses in a local community. They function in the same way as discount or rebate coupons, usually distributed in print either separately or on a newspaper page; online to be printed out at home by the consumer; or sent directly to a consumer's mobile phone.

Grass roots[]

Byteball adoption will always be helped by one Byteball fan using the platform tokens (Fun-coins, Family Tokens, Social Tokens, Commercial Tokens) etc with their friends and family, and not just sitting on their GBytes wishing the price would go up more.

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