I have been "keeping" the wiki at since May 2017. I started this Wikia one a couple of weeks ago. The content of the two is currently almost identical. Each has advantages and disadvantages that might not be apparent to the casual user:

* Wikiness: A wiki is supposed to be built up from the contributions of many. Byteroll has been almost entirely written and maintained by myself. One reason is that it is impossible to keep track of random edits made by anyone with write access, and so there is no way to catch bad edits or even vandalism (spam etc). The Wikia one, on the other hand, functions as a normal wiki with a very clear history of changes.

* General appearance: Byteroll is hosted on a private server and shows no advertising etc. Wikia is a commercial site, so Byteball pages here show FANDOM ads and links to other wikis.

* Uptime, technical help etc: For the past month, I have been unable to upload images or videos to Byteroll. I reported it then to the site administrator -- who has daily work and a family life too -- but to date it hasn't been fixed. Other optimizations tend to fall by the wayside. Feb 25 comment: 6 days ago Byteroll crashed shortly after I hid a 10 MB textcoin on one of the pages and tweeted about it: it's still down with no word from portabella.

* Anchors: This refers to the section headings that can be used in links to zero in on part of an article. In Byteroll these don't work well; in Wikia they work great: just click on the chosen section in the Contents box and the correct link instantly shows in the address bar then copy/paste. When you often paste links to article sections, like I do, this helps a great deal.

* Bells and whistles: There are far more options available to an editor on the Wikia site. This is not obvious to a novice editor, but when one gets accustomed to the various templates etc, horizons expand.

* Going forward: For now, I don't plan to ditch one or the other, but will try to keep the two with matching content as far as possible.

* YOUR contributions: You are invited to create an account and edit this Wikia wiki. That's what it's for, after all. :)