Byteball Wiki

Some general (non-technical) videos in English about Byteball. There is also a wiki interviews page.


Coin Interview Episode 27 Anton Churyumov of

Date uploaded:' 2016-10-14 Channel: Coin Interview Title: Coin Interview Episode 27: Anton Churyumov of Length: 58:16 URL: Notes: Talking heads throughout but mainly Tony; 3940 views at 2017-11-23


Byteball Scalable, Private, Free but HURRY!!

Date uploaded: 2016-12-23 Channel: Marc De Mesel Title: Byteball: Scalable, Private, Free but HURRY!! Length: 9:03 URL: Notes: Talking head throughout; 4446 views at 2017-11-23


Byteball The most amazing crypto for free

Date uploaded: 2017-04-26 Channel: DashMeister Title: Byteball: The most amazing crypto for free Length: 5:03 URL: Notes: Narrated; shots from coinmarketcap and Byteball main page; 8708 views at 2017-11-23


BYTEBALL- What it is -Part 1. ( Features)

Date uploaded: 2017-06-03 Channel: Crypto Jack Title: BYTEBALL- What it is -Part 1. ( Features) Length: 3:56 URL: Notes: Talking head throughout; 697 views at 2017-11-23


BYTEBALL-What it is-Part 2. (Smart contracts)

Date uploaded: 2017-06-03 Channel: Crypto Jack Title: BYTEBALL-What it is-Part 2. (Smart contracts) Length: 5:52 URL: Notes: Talking head throughout; 298 views at 2017-11-23


BYTEBALL-What it is. ( part 3)

Date uploaded: 2017-06-03 Channel: Crypto Jack Title: BYTEBALL-What it is. ( part 3) Length: 5:03 URL: Notes: Talking head throughout; 272 views at 2017-11-23



Date uploaded: 2017-06-04 Channel: Crypto Jack Title: BYTEBALL vs ETHEREUM & BITCOIN Length: 3:23 URL: Notes: Talking head throughout; 1524 views at 2017-11-23


How to Get free Byteball by linking bitcoins for airdrop distribution

Date uploaded: 2017-06-05 Channel: Yestur Junak Title: How to Get free Byteball by linking bitcoins for airdrop distribution Length: 4:12 URL: Notes: Narrated; shows details of transition bot and signing a message in Electrum; 1713 views at 2017-11-23


How to get free Byteball step-by-step (transition bot)

Date uploaded: 2017-06-07 Channel: DashMeister Title: How to get free Byteball step-by-step (transition bot) Length: 3:14 URL: Notes: Narrated; shots of Byteball main page and transition bot; 4856 views at 2017-11-23


Byteball - Making Byteball Payments

Date uploaded: 2017-06-11 Channel: Wekkel Ekkel Title: Byteball - Making Byteball Payments Length: 6:21 URL: Notes: Music; no narration but some onscreen explanations; handheld video of monitor showing byte and blackbyte payments; 568 views at 2017-11-23


Join Byteball and take advantage of the fair distribution !

Date uploaded: 2017-06-26 Channel: h3ym0nk3y Title: Join Byteball Length: 1:48 URL: Notes: Music; no narration; VideoScribe presentation of basic Byteball features; 463 views at 2017-11-23



Date uploaded: 2017-06-29 Channel: h3ym0nk3y Title: byteball Length: 0:24 URL: Notes: No sound; nifty rotating graphic of 3D "Byteball" made of 0s and 1s; 113 views at 2017-11-23


How to digitally sign your Bitcoin to get free Byteball!

Date uploaded: 2017-07-02 Channel: Mike Title: How to digitally sign your Bitcoin to get free Byteball! Length: 8:31 URL: Notes: Narrated; shows chatting with transition bot and signing Electrum message; 3564 views at 2017-11-23


Interview with Byteball founder Tony 😎❤ Part 1 Why DAG Better Than Blockchain?

Date uploaded: 2017-12-02 Channel: Marc De Mesel Title: Interview with Byteball founder Tony 😎❤ Part 1: Why DAG Better Than Blockchain? Length: 23:31 URL: Notes: Talking heads throughout; background noise; 1042 views at 2017-12-07


Byteball Interview 😎❤ Part 2 How Private are Blackbytes? Spend Crypto with Cashback!

Date uploaded: 2017-12-05 Channel: Marc De Mesel Title: Interview with Byteball founder Tony 😎❤ Part 2: How Private are Blackbytes? Spend Crypto with Cashback! Length: 19:47 URL: Notes: Talking heads throughout; background noise; 313 views at 2017-12-07


Byteball interview 😎❤ Part 3 What Crypto Can & Fiat Not Conditional Payments

Date uploaded: 2017-12-06 Channel: Marc De Mesel Title: Interview with Byteball founder Tony 😎❤ Part 3: What Crypto Can & Fiat Not: Conditional Payments Length: 15:33 URL: Notes: Talking heads throughout; background noise; 215 views at 2017-12-07


Byteball Wallet Tips & Tricks 😉 👌👍

Date uploaded: 2017-12-13 Channel: Marc De Mesel Title: Byteball Wallet Tips & Tricks 😉 👌👍 Length: 12:19 URL: Notes: Talking heads throughout; with gorgeous beach and girl; 274 views at 2017-12-13


Part 2 - Byteball Wallet Tips & Tricks - Caveats & Cows 😉😚

Date uploaded: 2017-12-16 Channel: Marc De Mesel Title: Part 2 - Byteball Wallet Tips & Tricks - Caveats & Cows 😉😚 Length: 7:40 URL: Notes: Talking head throughout; with gorgeous beach and cattle [sic]; 146 views at 2017-12-16


The ground is shifting

Date uploaded: 2017-12-22 Channel: A.C. Title: The ground is shifting Length: 0:27 URL: Notes: Text onscreen; upbeat music; 29,527 views at 2018-01-08


👨‍👦 Exclusive Interview with the Byteball Founder Tony Churyumoff (Part 1) 🔒 Legends of Crypto

Date uploaded: 2018-01-21 Channel: The Billion Dollar Secret Title: Exclusive Interview with the Byteball Founder Tony Churyumoff (Part 1) 🔒 Legends of crypto Length: 31:05 URL: Notes: Talking heads throughout; 610 views at 2018-01-23



Byteball 1. Smart payments made simple

Date uploaded: 2017-06-12 Channel: Jore Bohne Title: Byteball: 1. Smart payments made simple Length: 2:13 URL: Notes: Narrated with subtitles; shows live wallet chat of buying zwibs with MB; 2278 views at 2017-11-23


Byteball 2. Betting on random numbers

Date uploaded: 2017-06-14 Channel: Jore Bohne Title: Byteball: 2. Betting on random numbers Length: 4:03 URL: Notes: Narrated with subtitles; shows live betting and using oracle feed; 59 views at 2017-11-23


Byteball 3. Betting on flight delays

Date uploaded: 2017-06-17 Channel: Jore Bohne Title: Byteball: 3. Betting on flight delays Length: 4:10 URL: Notes: Narrated with subtitles; shows live betting, using flightstats data and oracle feed; 120 views at 2017-11-23


Byteball 4. The wiki

Date uploaded: 2017-06-20 Channel: Jore Bohne Title: Byteball: 4. The wiki Length: 2:48 URL: Notes: Narrated with subtitles; shows live views of various wiki articles; 28 views at 2017-11-23


Byteball 5. Forums

Date uploaded: 2017-06-23 Channel: Jore Bohne Title: Byteball: 5. Forums Length: 5:36 URL: Notes: Narrated with subtitles; shows live views of our sub-Reddit, Bitcointalk thread and Slack channels; 21 views at 2017-11-23


Byteball 6. Making a dead-man contract

Date uploaded: 2017-07-04 Channel: Jore Bohne Title: Byteball: 6. Making a dead-man contract Length: 4:41 URL: Notes: Talking heads throughout; noisy; 992 views at 2017-12-06